Are you coming with me
When the whole world ceases to sing
Whose truth is right in the end
On what does this judgement depend
'Cause I have seen so many truths
And all of them I can dispute
But maybe if love is our friend
We'll be together in the end

Well, I've heard this all before
That hatred and morality will open the door
But are my enemies evil
Or are they just on the other side
And are my friends good
Or are they just evil in disguise
I don't know
I don't know anymore

You say that we all are free
But I am a slave to money
And you say we all have the truth
But lying is all that I can do
And I hear the truth calling out
And I open my mouth to shout
But the rocks they all shout back instead
Because, oh my God, I am dead

Maybe if truth was my friend
I'd have strength to prepare for the end
But I don't
At least not yet


from The Stones Cry Out - EP, released November 28, 2011



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Tachycardia Austin, Texas

Tachycardia is the stage name of Hunter Tolbert. He plays music.

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